Update, shmupdate.

Death's Head Moth "Eat Your Heart Out" AOP Men's Tshirt
Death’s Head Moth “Eat Your Heart Out” AOP Men’s Tshirt

I’ve been busy.

It’s been a while since I posted an update. That’s because I was doing what I’m supposed to do, which is designing things (and feeding my children). I feel like I’ve finally got a system in place- the website and selling platforms, order fulfillment service- it took me over a year of trial and error to get this established and not run into deal breaking problems.

Some of the selling platforms were just too goddamn expensive. Whether they start off as free or not, they all inevitably stick it to you on sadly necessary add-ons and plugins. I tried Shopify, thought I liked working with it- but their order fraud wasn’t up to par. I tried WooCommerce, that came with similar issues- both were costing me money I’m not making yet.

I finally settled on keeping everything on Etsy, and now have shops for both of my lines through Etsy’s website service, Pattern. It takes out unnecessary steps and streamlines the entire process- since Etsy is my main selling platform, why would I want to also post a product on my own website through a different service that can cost up to $150 a month?

I’m adding the same designs to websites like Zazzle, RedBubble, Spreadshirt, and other similar ones- but they make and print their own products with your designs on them, and include their own customer base. They’re also free. They don’t require as much work as hand-picking each product and customizing it does, majority of them bulk add your design onto everything they offer and you tweak a little bit.

Most of my newest designs are for the Freshoteric line, I needed to get some kind of presence and bulk to the collection to get it off the ground. I’ll be switching back and forth and designing for either one at any given time.

In a lot of ways the present is fabulous for making money online- but it requires a good year or two of persistence and continuity. At this point I won’t be “giving up” again- I’m already making zero dollars as a stay at home mom, so there’s nothing to lose.

For the 2019 Holiday Season Love Nico will likely bring back its original hand-screened items. At the very least I’ll be putting up the hundreds of one-of-a-kinds I have left. It’s sad, I had to throw a lot of blank shirts away because they were just getting gross in the basement studio. I’ve cleaned everything that’s already made and brought it out of the dank, and soon I’ll be hitting the screens again. So for all of you who keep asking me to make the old stuff again- YOU BETTA BUY SOMTHIN! (this statement excludes Nick and Avri- bless you guys <3).

That’s it. That’s what I’ve been up to. Hope you’re all getting excited for Halloween- I know we are! My toddlers are gonna toddle door to door. Considering dressing them as the twins from The Shining. Is that too much?


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