Carmen’s Yemaya

Carmen's Yemaya
Carmen’s Yemaya

A few years ago I worked at a small little occult bookshop in the East Village. It’s the oldest on the East Coast- lots of these places don’t survive the test of time (magicians have a tendency to argue with other magicians). Because of its age and long-term success it has become a staple of Manhattan. It’s called Enchantments. And it was my home away from home.

This was my second stint there- I had done several years starting back in 2001. Both times I was employed there my desire to make art exploded, and hand to canvas, my all-time favorite pieces came to life.

This piece was originally a 16″x16″ acrylic on canvas which I sold to a co-worker in 2016. I’m not going to say I didn’t deliberately create the thing for her. But that’s only half true- the other truth is that it was made through inspired channeling, of Carmen’s soul’s “profile pic”. Channeling art was something I could claim with a degree of normalcy whenever I worked there.

I chose this piece to be the first design in this new incarnation of Love Nico, for quite a few reasons. Most important of them is that I knew I wouldn’t be tempted to cut corners or rush- I’m translating photos of original paintings into very detailed, high resolution digital pieces. It’s time-consuming- but I’m tired of rushing my Love Nico designs out of desperation to make a buck. In all my years of experience, that hasn’t once panned out.

Yemaya is the Yoruba Orisha (or Goddess) of the Ocean . She represents fertility and motherhood, among many other things. To me she represents strength tempered with calm under a beautiful visage. I find it fitting to make this the first new Love Nico design since having my twin daughters.